The Hermit of the Barren Hills

If you are looking for a quick getaway to the plenitude of calm, I suggest you hop on a vehicle that’s headed to Vagamon, a hill station in Idukki district of Kerala. Crouched like a maiden on the mighty heights, Vagamon is comparatively a silent place to retire to.

The Barren Hills are so satisfying to the solitude loving souls!

The major attractions of Vagamon are the Barren Hills, the Pine Valley, Thangalpara, Vagamon Lake and Kurishumala.

My recent visit to this haven was a very short and unplanned one which gave me the time to visit the Barren Hills and the Pine Valley.

Take the forest child to the Pine Valley of Vagamon

The Pine Valley gripped my soul with the plenitude of the trees. There were a lot of pine, a real lot! And as I sat playing with the sun that could penetrate among the trees, I was reminded of reading Thoreau’s Walden where he writes about taking his visitors to the pine woods behind his abode near the Walden lake.

An all time favourite frame of the photographers!

When visiting the Pine Valley, be sure that you wear a shoes of real good grip or you would be slipping a lot on the slopes strewn with the dead leaves.

When the Pine Valley let me soak in the brown of the nature, the Barren Hills were a scene of green and blue; of the green landscape and clear blue skyscape.

The Hermit of the Barren Hills

The peace of the Vagamon hills is quite addictive. The lush green land of the place with refreshing air is sure to rejuvenate your senses dulled by the city life.

Reaching Vagamon is not really tiring as the road to this haven is as green as the destination.

The nearest railway station is Kottayam and from Kottayam you could hire a private vehicle or a K.S.R.T.C bus that will take you to the place within three hours.

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