A Plea to Know the Earth

When was the last time you walked bare foot on the grass, soil or the rocks?

When was the last time you stopped to look at a dainty bloom?

When was the last time you found happiness looking at a tree in its luscious green?

Life has become very busy for us in this meta modern age. We barely do have any time away from the clutches of technology. We have this incessant need to be with our phones or computers. Nomophobia or smartphone separation anxiety is on the rise today.

While glued on to the screens in our hands, we often miss a lot, a very lot. I’m a millennial leading an apartment life in a happening city of Kerala. My native place is a much greener land compared to my present place. The memories of my childhood are wrapped in green foliage and brown earth.

I often think of my green and happy childhood when I see the children in my apartment glued on to the screens. Of course, I’m no one to be judgemental about them. They get something different as children and I got something different as a child ( I and the millennials). I am just reflecting on the difference and am no one to impose the happiness of my green childhood on the tech savvy kids of this generation.

I’m just putting forward a plea. A plea to stop to smell some flowers. A plea to look up and gaze the sky. A plea to leave your shoes and feel the earth right under your bare feet.

I don’t know if I’m being too much of a romantic when I ask you to try immersing yourself in the nature for a while.

I believe in the religion of nature. Look around and see the wonders of God. Each and every new species I come across makes me wonder of the ingenuity of the Creator.

Give yourself a chance to soak your spirits in the nature. I see parents who are apprehensive of their children walking barefoot on the ground. Many of them are worried about kids getting soaked in the rain or lost in the woods. But don’t you dear parents, remember the happiness of a green childhood? Don’t you remember the way your feet tickled at the touch a thicket? Don’t you remember the happiness when you danced and splashed in the rain? Then let our children know it too. We give them technology, we introduce them into learning different sciences and arts but why do we detain them from the nature?

Give them a chance to know the throb of earth, to know what a miniscule creature he or she is in this large universe of birds, trees and seas.

After all happiness can also be the ability to

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,

William Blake

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