The Nutritious Purslanes

Nature in its undomesticated and wild form has got a lot to offer. With the utmost happiness, let me introduce to you the newest member of my apartment garden.

This is the one little shrub that I found on the street across my apartment. A lot of these dainty little plants were spreading across a piece of abandoned land there. Seeing the yellow flowers strewn among the little fleshy green leaves was sheer happiness.

I always used to stop and gaze at these little beauties every time I took that road. And then one day, as I was passing by the street, I happened to notice the two people who were plucking out these plants or the “weeds.” It was heartbreaking to see the little plants being plucked off the ground. I couldn’t do anything to stop them. All I could was adopt one from the heap of “weeds.” And thus came this little beautiful plant into my apartment garden.

This is a Purslane, a succulent found in almost all of the countries. Purslanes are annual trailing plants that are often used in cooking too. They are used in salads, soups and stews. The leaves are a very rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which prevents heart attacks and strengthens the immune system. This nutritious weed is a non demanding plant that can even thrive in poor climate and soil.

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