Take care of yourself! You don’t really need to be dependent on others for your happiness and peace. Your happiness and peace is your thing.

Selfcare is not just indulging and splurging. It is a disciplined routine of taking care of yourself-the physical, the emotional, the spiritual, the intellectual and the social self.

Physical Self-care

Take take care of your body. Eat good food and always be on the move. Abandon that couch and get your bike gear or skipping rope.

Self-care should be a routine that you enjoy. So pick up the movements that you enjoy; dance, jog, skip or swim.You know what is good for your body. You know what is good food and abandon all the binge eating and junk. Choose fresh and green.

Emotional Self-care

Tame yourselves, your moods and emotions. A person who has got his/her emotions on reins is a successful person.Try to learn your emotions. Try to learn what turns you off and what lightens yourselves. I have read that we should be able to address our emotions as we address a stranger. We should, in our imagination, bring out the emotion wrecking inside us and study it as we study a stranger on the first encounter. Address the emotion, study it and help it calm down. Knowing our emotions can help us in dealing with them. Find good ways to express our emotions in healthy ways. Try to give vent to all the bottled up emotions inside yourselves. Talk to the people you trust and take criticisms lightly.

Journaling, meditating, painting, cooking, music, gardening etc can help you becoming mindful and to know yourselves and your emotions better.

Spiritual Self-care

Never confuse spirituality with religion. Your spirituality may or may not be religious.Spiritual self-care is taking care of your spirit, your soul and your mind.Nourishment of your soul and inner peace are the motives of spiritual self-care. You know what makes your soul happy. You know what makes your spirit peaceful. It could be reading, meditating, travelling or writing. Spiritual self-care could be your happy communion with the nature or a happy brunch with your friend.

Always be mindful of your soul and your spirit. Know what makes your soul happy and full. Pick on new habits like learning music instruments or painting.

Intellectual Self-care

Read, write, learn and explore.

Learn new skills, know new things. Intellectual self-care is it about expanding your intellect and thinking capability.
Try learning a new language or watch a documentary or start a course. It is your duty to see that your intellect is not disintegrating. In this era of information abundance, keep your learning disciplined. Know that information overload and multitasking are not really going to you help you.

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