Chocolates: Couverture and Compound

As an amateur baker, I am often confused by a lot of ingredients that I come across in the recipes. Never did I know about the lot of varieties of chocolates, the varieties of cheese and many more until I really started cooking.

Today let me tell about chocolates in cooking, especially in baking. When we go through the cake recipes, we often come across the ingredient “chocolate” or “compound chocolate” apart from the cocoa powder.

So when I actually went to get “chocolate” for my cake I was baffled by a lot of varieties of chocolates on the rack. There were semisweet, milk chocolate, dark compound, milk compound etc.

Today let me tell you about couverture chocolate and chocolate compound.

Know the difference between your chocolates

Couverture chocolate is the real chocolatier variety available in the market. Solid chocolate is made from cocoa butter and chocolate liquor. Couverture is used by professionals for dipping, coating and garnishing. it is a high quality chocolate which requires tempering when melting it down.

Compound chocolate on the other hand uses non cocoa fats. It is often made of cocoa powder and oil. Unlike couverture chocolate compound chocolate doesn’t require tempering. The easy availability and the low cost of compound chocolate make it a very popular choice among the bakers.

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